Friday, March 23, 2007

Lumpling Launch on hold

I really wanted to launch the newest herd this week, but we've been bogged down with email problems. I can imagine the nightmare it would cause if I didn't get emails during adoption time, and I don't want to live that nightmare!

two tiny lumps who really wanted to be adopted this week!
So we are switching providers for the amyrue site, which is the reason is down right now, and hopefully when I get back from Germany everything will be straightened out!
Ack, well, I hope. Computer stuff. Shiver.
Speaking of emails not getting through... if you sent an email to amyrue or luna7, and we did not reply, that means we didn't receive it because of these glitches!
Please write back...we like you, we really do, and we want to reply to you!

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