Tuesday, April 24, 2007

small pleasures mine

Tallulah Bankhead: "Why, it's as easy as ducking for apples."
Dorothy Parker: "Hah, change one letter in that sentence and you've got the story of my life."

Our new little fat belly tea pot has a brilliant strainer hiding in the spout, keeping the pesky leaves out of the cups.
Hans and I have been so thrilled with watching the tea leaves dance about that our eyeballs are floating from drinking so many cups.
Now I need a good source for loose leaf tea that we can afford given our million cups a day habit!
More small pleasures this week include sending off all of the Lumplings, making a new flower bed and moving my heucheras to a more friendly spot in the garden, walking the Renn Fest, Rocky Road ice cream, installing a new ceiling fan (can never have enough in Georgia!), leaving the windows open to enjoy the breeze and planting my rear end on the sofa sewing more Lumplings while watching _How Clean is Your House?_ on bbc america.
All in all, a near perfect week for me!

Do you remember the first time you realized that you lift another human?

The knowledge has gone to Finn's head and Ella is never safe these days! I'm waiting for day that she turns around and picks him up too.


sharon said...

OK, I am laughing at the Dorothy Parker quote. I love her. I have two books of her poetry. Have you ever seen the movie Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle? It is a bio-pic of her with Jennifer Jason Leigh in the title role. I recommend it. Cheers!


Secret Leaves said...

Oops--link to my website, www.secretleaves, is broken. Here's the blogger link...

lelly said...

thought of you this morning when i came across a link to mighty leaves. there are several sources for their products in n. geogia. (www.mightyleaves.com)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am so glad you and Hans are doing well! Thank Goodness! Try www.teajunky.com they have great tea at great prices. Try the lemon rooibus (sp?). Hope you like it!