Friday, June 15, 2007

swim time

I'm sure you can tell which child is mine in this picture.
Yep, the one that isn't paying any attention to the swim instructors, but instead seems to be saying "wooooo! Where the party at, people?! I got my bikini on and I'm ready to live dangerous!"

And my other child seems to be saying.... um, well, I actually have no idea what that face means. But he was happier than he looks, I swear!
Okie, here my daughter looks sweet and innocent again. I tried to find a picture of my son not looking crazy and that didn't happen; he looks like a cartoon character in every single picture.
Today wrapped up the week of swim lessons for the kids and we are pleased to be done! I'm still terrified that my kids will flip out at the pool. The first year that Finn went he was what we call a "runner & a screamer". The swim instructor had to chase him down and plop him back in the pool.
But here's the rub of the week: Ella lost an earring! Gone! Poof! I tried to put another one in her ear, but it had already closed up even though it could have only been a few hours without the earring.
So tomorrow we make the trip back to the mall to get her ear repierced. And she knows what to expect this time which makes this trip more intimidating.
So I fully expect to be wobbly in the head tomorrow.
Yep, wobbly.


Belle-ah said...

So, how is the 2nd piercing?

Natalea said...

Such cute pictures! They must have had a blast! xo Natalea

Michelle M White said...

That photo of your daughter at swim lessons is a riot!!! Love it!!! BTW - two of my three daughters had to have ears repierced when they were little!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I miss your posts and look forward to when we hear from you again.

Jasper ETC

kim said...

Hope all is well in LumplingLand...