Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm late I'm late!

Our local magazine featured a photo that I took of my daughter, Ella, for the Valentine cover.
Ella was pretty thrilled because she's still been a bit sore that Hans had Finn on his cooking show, and not her. But now they both have a tiny bit of local fame.

I've been remiss in posting on the blog since the last Lumpling adoption. After I had all of the Lumps packed up and sent off, I attacked the study/studio where Hans and I work.

It might not be spring yet, but I feel it coming and I had to get all of this organized.

Hans even helped me put up new shelves in my fabric closet, and now I'm just incredibly happy with it.

I've also created havoc on the rest of my house...ripped up carpet from the stairs and started painting them white. Made new curtains. Took apart the dining room table because it doesn't work and I'm annoyed with it. Hopefully, I'll be able to afford a new dining room table one day, but right now the room has no table, much to the confusion of our guests.

It's hard to explain that if something annoys me that bad it just has to go. I have to keep the table because it does mean something to me. My Granny used this table in her photography studio in Montgomery Alabama, then it was my Mom's dining room table while I was growing up.

When my stepfather died, I was five, and I crawled up on the table and carved his name into the top. I didn't want any of us to forget him.

But now the table is not a comfortable fit for us as a family. Maybe one day I'll open that shop that we dream about and I can use it in there.


Kate said...

Wow another GA girl and if you are in N GA you are close to me. I have another blog friend in North GA and We have gotten together twice. You have such a cute little girl they picture is adorable.

Cecilia said...

What a sweet picture! Congrats to Ella!
We had a similar thing happen w/our dining room table a few years ago. We had the most adorable enamel topped table with leaves that slid out from underneath. One of the leaves broke and I just couldn't deal w/it anymore. I got rid of the table (wish I'd kept it and found another use for it) and we did without one for a couple of months. People who visited just couldn't conceive of life without a dining room table, but we thought it was fun.


tongue in cheek said...

What a lovely sweet photo! Her cress and her tippy toes! darling!

Shabby in the City said...

She is a lucky girl! I love your banner and you have a pretty name.