Saturday, December 08, 2007

Giving Etsy a go

Since I'm still learning to get around on the mac here and I really want to get these Lumplings out there for everyone to adopt, I'm going to give Etsy a try.

So as my test, the Lumpling seen above has just been put up for adoption on Etsy.  I'm sure that I forgot to include a million things, but hopefully it will work!

and that should link to it... I hope.

I don't know if this will be how I do all adoptions in the future, or just for now.  If it makes life easier here in Lumpling land it might stay!  For right now, the regular is stagnant and I need to learn how to update it from this new system very soon.

Gubble & Bum are up right now and I'll probably add several more Lumplings later this evening!


Kim said...

Welcome back! From the user end, I think this is much less stressful & more democratic than the old method, though I've been fortunate to make purchases with both styles. I think for you, it allows you to post 'em as you make them if you choose, though you can certainly still schedule herd adoptions instead (just don't hit the FINISH button when entering them into Etsy, and that will keep the listing inactive until you're ready).

Ronda said...

oh no, I missed the Lumplings!! Did an email go out this time?

beth said...

hi amy !! love your lumplings - i am a mac user too !!! love it - and i send bulk emails and never get spammed ! happy holidays !!

Peng Peng said...

hey there! Good luck w/ your Etsy shop! Etsy is so fun to be a part of :O) I'm sure the etsy-community will welcome your Lumplings with open arms!