Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Amy Had a little Lamb....

Amy had a little Lamb, it's fleece was white as snow...
& then that sweet little lamb found out that Amy Rue
turned an absolutely obscene age (eh, we can still say "early thirties" for the next ten years or so) today and that poor little lamb had to go...

Check out my hysterical gift from Hans. I was still rubbing the dreams from my eyes this morning when he gave me the Dead Sheep Head here, and I laughed and laughed!
The lamb is from Cherrybox Studios, where they have all sorts of other wonderful critters like Unicorns and Pink Pony heads on display. Absolutely brilliant job!
Another wonderful sheep painting came in the mail later in the day from our friend Don Bertram in Houston. I'll have to take pictures of it tomorrow!

Feeling oh so lucky and loved today,
and I have new laugh lines to prove it.

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