Thursday, May 24, 2007

While the sewing machine is away....

....the Lumplings don't play!

I broke my beautiful new sewing machine.
Something about screwing up the timing. So she is off at the repair place to get her inside bits tickled.
The lady at the sewing machine store was so sympathetic, she didn't even accuse me of machine abuse once! She even petted the sewing machine and told me how sorry she was that it wasn't working.
This lady obviously understands the bond between a girl and her machine.
I do have some Lumplings done, just not too many of them have baby Lumps. I will still launch a new herd for adoption sometime in the next couple of weeks.

One more day of school left!

Today was award day at Finn's school. He came home with awards in Computer, Language Arts, & Music.

We are awfully proud of him!


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh no! I always feel naked without my machine in the house.

KSedlak said...

I love all the colors I see on the new lumplings. Is that a brown bear peeking through?
My sewing machine was down for awhile too. I was right in the middle of making a quilt for my daughter and her husband for their anniversary. Thank goodness it wasn't major and he had it back to me within the month.
I'm almost done with the quilt.