Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Take The Lumplings Bowling

A new Lumpling herd is in the works...
Today the Lumplings had tags made and pictures taken, so they are very close to being up for adoption!
Special for Easter we have Baby Lumps nesting in Egg Cups.
I'm on an Egg Cup obsession right now (I jump from obsession to obsession with alarming frequency), and I'm scouring Ebay for charming vintage ones in groups.
I'll be sending out the date that the Lumplings come up for adoption to the mailing list soon!


lulu said...

Hurray!!! Amy has a blog!! And those Lumplings look like Easter candies! The babies in eggcups - genius!
Glad to see you here!!!! And I am so flattered to be one og the first on your link list... you're a sweetie, for sure.

Dhube said...

WOW!!All of them are beautiful!!
Like always!I am happy that at least we can enjoy with your blog!